Last year we celebrated 40 years of making pizzas here in Delano. Some estimates suggest our surrounding communities have enjoyed over 2,000,000 pizzas since 1979.

In 1979, Anthony “Tony” and Patricia Martinez, purchased the former Poor Richards Pizza Parlor and still remains at its original location.

The Pizza

Patricia became good friends with Lucy and Danny Bitri who came to California from the Italian peninsula of Sicily. Patricia was invited into their restaurant where for weeks she worked next to the crafty pizza makers. The young and enthusiastic, Patricia then returned to Delano with the traditional Italian recipe we still use today.

Today every pizza has the same quality as in days gone by. Generations have enjoyed our pizza classics such as the combination pizza covered with only the best sausage, ham, pepperoni and salami with all fresh ingredients, our Hawaiian pizza with those juicy pineapples, or Tony’s signature Chile-Verde Pizza!

Patricia still enjoys walking through the kitchen to sample the sauce and appreciate the staff that have been wonderful over the years.

The People

Tony and Patricia’s children have all had their turn working at the Pizza Parlor.

(Patrick, Sr., Tony, Barbara, Patricia, Jerry “JJ”, Anthony Jr.)

School friends were invited to work a few hours after school and soon Tony’s Pizza Parlor was feeding the football team and all the fans on Friday night.

Patricia who was active with youth ministries in the early years, would invite many of the students to become part of the team. Tony and Patricia enjoyed creating opportunities for young men and women in our community. Today, we build our staff with the same spirit of helping and providing jobs for the youth while they go to college or move on to a career.

Our Goal

Since mixing the right amount of fresh yeast and watching the dough rise for the very first time, 40 years ago We could never have imagined that this pizza would give us a lifetime of joy and friendships. Our goal and our prayers are to continue using the same traditional formula of “fresh and simple” to make your next pizza taste as great as the first!

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